Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tibco RV C# memory issues

So my company tends to have a lot of stuff written to use Tibco's Rendezvous, fine product that it is. We also tend to write a lot of stuff in C# and various other dotnet languages.

Apparently this is a problem.

In low message volume apps, we have no issues. However, with high message volumes, our unmanaged memory spikes and lots of bad things happen. If we look at the messages, we're not falling behind so that's not the issue. It seems that RV is not properly disposing of the objects or at least not fast enough.

Anyone else seen this? I've heard rumors that the COM interface doesn't suffer from this issue, and the C++ interface is solid (causing us to make some C# -> C++ conversions).

Compuserve is out

Farewell good friend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Copyright, then and now

Amusingly, a hunderd years ago music firms were arguing that an author's copyright on his work did not extend to reproductions in non-live media because he lost no revenue from the new format. My how times have changed.